Nojoto Guidelines

The detailed User Content and Conduct Policy has been created to help you understand the best practices as a member of Nojoto. Our guidelines play a crucial role thus kindly obey these guidelines to keep Nojoto running without any difficulty for all our Users. You agree to obey these guidelines when using our products and services ("Services").

As and when we are alerted of probable guidelines infringement, we may investigate and take necessary action, including restricting or ceasing a user’s permission to use our Services.

We may alter these guidelines so kindly refer to these guidelines regularly.

Unacceptable Use:

1. Do not indulge in Felonious Activities

Do not use our creation to participate in felonious activities including but not limited to account hijacking, scams, gambling or encourage menacing and/or illegal acts which will harm any person/s.

2. Do not use Malign Products

Do not disseminate viruses, malware, or any other malign or ruinous code that will harm the functionality of the website.

3. Do not Hijack other accounts

Do not access another user’s account without the users prior consent. Do not use our products for phishing scams.

4. Do not circulate other’s Personal Intimate Information

Do not circulate other people’s confidential details, including but not limited to age, sexual orientation, address, telephone and/or mobile numbers, credit card numbers, personal national ID numbers, or account passwords, without their prior written assent. Note that information that is already available elsewhere on the Internet or in public records is not considered to be private or confidential under our policies.

5. Never impersonate or Do any kind of Fraudulent Behavior

The word 'phishing' is commonly used to describe the offence of electronically impersonating someone else for financial gain. This is frequently done either by using someone else’s login credentials to gain access to protected systems. Do not use our products to impersonate. You will create an account only for yourself and not on behalf of another individual. You will not impersonate yourself to be someone else.

6. Do not use Loathe Speech

Do not circulate content that encourages dislike or brutality towards groups of people based on their race or ancestral origin, creed, incapacity, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/ gender identity.

7. Do not Spam

Do not send spam, including sending undesirable publicizing or commercial data, or undesirable mass solicitation. You shall not create serial accounts for disruptive or abusive purposes, or with overlapping use cases.

Mass account creation may result in suspension of all related accounts. You may not publish or any third party link which links to malicious content intended to damage or disrupt another user’s browser or computer or to compromise a user’s privacy.

8. Never Manipulate Content

Do not manipulate ranking or relevancy using strategy like repetitive or deceptive keywords or metadata, offering incentives to review your product, or posting fake reviews.

Do not post or encourage others to post comments which are for any reason whatsoever defamatory or do not slander, persecute, stalk, intimidate, or otherwise infringe the legal rights of others.

9. Child Protection

Do not circulate content that ill-treats children, such as child pornography (including but not limited to cartoon child pornography, child abuse, targets or perpetrators of cyber bullying) or data that represents children in any sexual manner.

10. Do not post Overly-Sexually Uncensored Material

Do not circulate data that encompasses nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually uncensored material that are indicated to degrade the allure of human body. Do not operate traffic to handle commercial pornography sites. Your profile cannot include adult or derogatory data inappropriate for minors. For example, do not use pictures that exhibit a person’s sexual organs.

11. Do not resort to Aggressive or Bullying Behavior

Do not circulate portrayal of unjustified violence.
Do not menace or bully other users. Online harassment is also illegal and can have serious offline repercussions.

12. Never Gamble

Gambling in India is heavily restricted. The Information Technology Act 2000 regulates cyber activities in India and prohibits publication or transmission of information that can corrupt people.
Do not give in details that enable online gambling, including sports wager, raffles, or online casinos.

13. Legal Rights

Kindly do not slander, persecute, stalk, intimidate, or otherwise infringe the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.
These guidelines are applicable to the content you post on our Service. However some Services have their own policy, which could be located within those Services and are applicable to your use of them. All our Services are regulated by their applicable terms of Service.

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