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#Nojotovoice #doctor  A night at causality - 
It was a smokey night. 
and road was without road light.
darkness encircled the road and silence mixed with it.
Suddenly a collision of two cars took place in a bit.
A 20 years old boy had been died in the accident.
Another one got a serious injury with some car dents.
Injured man was now in trauma centre waiting for a doctor.
But hospital officials were busy in their laughter.
His sister started to yell at them and asked for the doctor.
She threatened that doctor on phone to making his hospital sealed.
This threat worked and after 15 minutes that doctor revealed.
That doctor was looking in a deep sorrow.
He forgot his apron so he had to borrow.
As he entered into the trauma, all hospital was now in drama.
The drama of money and power.
But after his entry that drama was over.
He checked the condition of that injured man.
To make him feel well ,He did all the efforts as he can.
He instructed his apprentice to get ready for bone marrow transplant.
After dripping sufficient blood , bone marrow transplant took place.
That girl was abusing him but he was ignoring that disgrace.
Operation was successful and he saved the life of that man.
She wanted to thank him but he had been left the trauma.
Next day she read the newspaper.
It was showing about his brother accident and another boy was died in it.
She read the name of the father of that boy and after this she seized for a bit.
That doctor lost his son in that accident who saved the life her brother.
And that bone marrow was also given by his son, not by other.
She was now in a tears and regrating about her behavior with him.
And this regret made her eyesight to be dim.
She thought that she found a real god in a man.
She was in shock that no one could take his profession seriously as a doctor can.

Doctor #Nojotovoice #doctor

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